Our Services


Our appointments are scheduled to maximize our quality of care and your time.

We pride ourselves on attentive, individualized care of our patients: Child and Adult.

For our younger patients, Dr Waeltermann is an expert at giving a child their first pair of glasses.  This allows the visual system to mature properly with good vision for the remainder of their lifetime. 

Dr Kiani  cares for teens and adult patients.  She screens for medical conditions including diabetes and glaucoma.  As a contact lense specialist she is able to fit our first-time wearers and adults who are “hard to fit” or have not had success in the past.

We also check that your child is visually ready to learn or what role vision would play in your child’s schooling.

Dr. Waeltermann treats lazy eyes, drifting of eyes and amblyopia.  This is done for the most part with spectacles, exercises and patching of one of the eyes.

Amblyopia can be treated with adhesive or “chemical” patches.

Contact Lenses

We offer the highest quality contact lens (CL) services- specializing in “hard to fit” patients and adults who have never worn CLs.  We assist people who have tried CL before and been unsuccessful with fittings or insertion and removal.

We fit a variety of CLs for astigmatism, 1-day, 2 week and monthly wearing schedules.  Selections from our CL inventory  include: multifocals, gas permeables, dailies, biweekly,  monthlies  and Ultra Monthlies.   We also have rebates for certain CL.