Routine Vision Coverage

Eye ChartMany insurance plans have routine coverage for annual eye exams in addition to medical insurance. It may be used for:

• Nearsightedness

• Farsightedness

• Astigmatism

• Failed vision exam given at school or by your doctor unless it is for a medical reason (see Medical Coverage)

• Trouble with distance vision

• Trouble reading, doing close work or sitting too close to the television

• Exam to see if new glasses are needed

Check with your plan to see if:

• You have Routine Coverage.

• Dr. Waeltermann is in your plan.

• You are eligible for an eye exam. (Some plans only cover a routine exam every one-two years)

• You have a copay and how much it is. (This is usually different than the copay for medical care.)

Please note: If you come in for a routine eye exam and a medical condition is diagnosed during the exam, this exam will be submitted to your medical insurance company.

We will gladly assist you with insurance questions and send documentation to your insurance company as needed. We will also communicate with your referring physician for all non-routine exams.